Friday, December 30, 2011

Review: Tide

As a mother of 4 kids ranging from 10 years to 9 months I can tell you I have dealt with my fair share of stains and odors. From mud, food, blood and poop, I have seen it all.
With the products I have used in the past the scent was not very long lasting and the stains were not completely removed. Sometimes they were barely removed!
When I was growing up my mom was a "Tide Mom" but when I had my own children I opted for a cheaper alternative. I guess you get what you pay for.
I can honestly say I didn't really know what I was missing by being cheap..ha,ha!!
The incredible Alexandra from Tide sent me an assortment of Tide products that has converted me!

The day I received my box I was the lucky recipient of a pair of poopy pants via my 9 month old daughter.
This is not the first time I have had the pleasure of poopy pants, I decided to spare you guys a picture and let you use your imaginations.
It is the first time I have had poopy pants come out of the wash looking brand new and stain free.
For my children's clothes, as well as my own, I love Tide's Free & Gentle!

We have sensitive skin so Tide's Free & Gentle is perfect. It is free
of dyes and perfumes and is dermatologist tested.

I dropped one of these stain release in-wash boosters
into my load with the Free & Gentle and the result was awesome!!

           My husband is an avid golfer and doesn't mind playing in the rain. I deal with muddy, dirty clothes and socks on a regular basis. The Tide plus Febreze Sport works wonders.
Knocks the stains right out and the smell is awesome. It is not overpowering and the smell stays on clothes leaving them smelling fresh until their next wash. Just like the Free & Gentle I was able to toss in a Tide Stain Release Booster and it worked wonders.

My newest diaper bag must-have is the Tide To Go. It's an instant stain remover and
it worked wonders this past week at all of our holiday functions.

Take a look at Tide's large selection of products by clicking HERE
I love Tide. I am seriously telling everyone I know how much their products work. They smell great, remove stains and they really are a great value!!!
You can find a store near you or buy online
by clicking HERE

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Thank you Tide for the amazing review items and for making me a convert!!

**Disclaimer: I received the products mentioned in this post in exchange for an honest review.
No other form of compensation was received and all opinions, which are my own, may differ from others**

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