Thursday, June 16, 2016

Cuisinework Silicone Steamer and 2 Multipurpose Oven Mitts Set Review
I was so excited to receive these for review. I can honestly say my current oven mitts have seen better days and I didn't have a steamer in my arsenal of kitchen wares. One great thing is that the steamer can also double as a strainer which is good for me because the ones I was using took up a lot of space when I stored them. The Cuisinework is made of a sturdy silicone but its pliable enough to fold up and store easily.
Top of Steamer
Bottom of Steamer

This steamer is incredible. I've always heard about how much healthier steaming is than boiling vegetables because it retains all of the vitamins and minerals. So far I've been making a lot of  veggies with this!!!

The cloth oven mitts that I threw out as soon as these arrived had holes in them. LOL! I've used these for about two weeks
 and I don't think that's anything I'll ever have to worry about. I have used them multiple times and have had no issues. I've used them to get things out of the oven and microwave as well as off of the stovetop. I love how I don't have to worry about boiling water seeping through them like cloth gloves.
2 Multipurpose Oven Mitts
If you want a healthier alternative to frying or boiling, steaming is definitely the way to go. The Cuisinework makes it really easy. I love my new steamer and gloves. 

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**I received this product in exchange for a 100% honest and unbiased review**


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