Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Easy@Home Bluetooth Scale Review

This Bluetooth scale by Easy@Home is very user friendly. I have never used a scale that synced with my cell phone and helped me keep track of my weight. It really helps to hold me accountable.
Once you sync your phone with the scale and download the app you are good to go.
Easily Accessible Right on Smart Phone

Showing My Husband's App

Keeps Track of Your Daily Weigh-In
It is well made and lightweight enough that it isn't difficult to move from place to place.
The display is bright enough to see it easily without straining.
I like that the bottom of the scale has a very secure battery cover that slides into place. I have had scales that didn't have secure battery packs and the cover would pop off whenever I weighed myself. This is a major plus.
Easy Slide Battery Cover
The Easy@Home Bluetooth Scale works great, is affordable and innovative.
I give it a ★★★★★ Rating!!!
If you would like to purchase your own Easy@Home scale you can click HERE!!!
While you are browsing check out the other great products from Easy@Home available on Amazon.com by clicking HERE!!!
**I received this product in exchange for my honest and unbiased review**


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