Saturday, July 9, 2016

Three Star Lions Salt and Pepper Grinder Set Review
Currently $17.97 at
These grinders are great quality and I love the design. They fit comfortably in my hands and I haven't had any issues as far as losing my grip while using them. They dress up my table setting better than basic salt and pepper shakers and I love that they not only look good but they are super affordable.
I had been purchasing grinders before that were not reusable and that really did not make sense to me considering their price and that they were also made of glass. I feel better now that I am no longer tossing them out when I am done.
 I'm sure with the quality of these I will have them for a long time. There is a cap that covers the grinder while not in use and it fits snuggly on without coming off. There is also a wide enough opening where you refill the container so you don't spill salt and pepper everywhere. The grind function works well and turns my coarse salt into a fine salt and the peppercorns become fine as well. No large chunks remaining when you use this.

You can see in my picture below I added some coarse salt and peppercorns to the ground salt and pepper just so you can get an idea of just how well this works.
Overall, I have to give these grinders a 5 out of 5 star rating. I really do love them!!
You can purchase your own grinder set by clicking HERE!!!
**I received this product in exchange for my 100% honest and unbiased review**


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