Friday, July 15, 2016

Tweezer Set by Marks Gouger Review
Available at for $11.99

These tweezers are the best set I have personally used. I have always just gotten mine at a chain store and they were always inexpensive but they never quite worked as well as I wanted them to. So far I have used these for my eyebrows but I also had to use them on my daughter's finger when she got a wood splinter in her finger. 
All three of the tips are extremely precise.
With other tweezers I have used in the past I have tugged on the hair to get it out and sometimes it took several tugs before the hairs would come out and it was really painful. With this set all three take one tug and it is out. I noticed that because it only took one tug my brow area was less inflamed then it usually is with the tweezers I had been using. Also, for first aid I often times have to fish around for splinters but with these it was so easy to get out.


I love the case they come in because it is very stylish and portable. It's easy to toss them into my bag or in the glove compartment of my car when going on road trips. I usually say you get what you pay for but these are so inexpensive and in my opinion they are worth more than the price.
I really recommend this set for beauty and first aid purposes.
I give this ★★★★★
If you would like to purchase your own Marks Gouger Tweezer Set please click HERE!!!
**I received this product in exchange for my 100% honest and unbiased review**


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