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Premium Seat Cushion for Coccyx and Back Pain by ChiroDoc Review
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From ChiroDoc
Relieves Back and Sciatica Pain: Suffering bums are now a thing of the past. If you are a victim of lower back or sciatica pain, this coccyx cushion can make a world of improvement in your life. It gives you the right support that makes sitting not just tolerable, but enjoyable again. Takes away pain by relieving direct stress and pressure from your tailbone & spine. This unique memory foam cushion prevents numbness and other types of pain brought by prolonged sitting.
My Opinion 
I noticed a big difference right away. I had back surgery last year and ever since than my back has felt so different when I sit down. It feels out of alignment and my tailbone is uncomfortable but with this I feel so much better.
The material of the outer shell is soft and comfortable when I move my hand across it. The pillow is firm but not so much so that I feel like I am sitting on wood; it is more of a supportive material than an uncomfortable/stiff one. Works at home, in the office and even in the car.

The zipper never gets stuck and it is really easy to open and close revealing the memory foam underneath. I love how I am able to open this so I can clean it. Others I have used in the past weren't machine washable like this one so it is a big plus.
I have used this for quite some time and it has maintained its shape. Overall, I am very pleased with it.

I give this a five-star rating based on price, quality and ease of use. I recommend this to anyone that wants to relieve back/coccyx pain.

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**I received this product in exchange for my 100% honest and unbiased review**


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